Federal Panel Releases Personal Information to Neo-Nazis

STAMP calls for investigation and remedy

TORONTO – A citizens group is calling for an immediate and thorough investigation after a federally-appointed panel provided the personal information of dozens of citizens to known neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

The panel, which is investigating Canada Post’s delivery of the hate rag Your Ward News, this morning circulated confidential information to notorious far-Right leaders, including Paul Fromm.

“We had asked the panel not to make such a mistake, on the very first day of hearings,” said Lisa Kinsella, one of the founders of the citizens’ group STAMP, Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice. “By circulating personal information, the panel has potentially exposed people to being targeted or worse. It is unbelievably reckless.”

On the first day of the panel’s hearings into Canada Post’s delivery of the Holocaust-denying, white supremacist tabloid, multiple requests were made by victims that their personal information be kept strictly confidential. All the panellists agreed to do so, on the record.

Many of the victims had already been the targets of defamatory libel in the pages of Your Ward News, and threats and intimidation. In fact, Lisa Kinsella and her husband Warren were successful last week in bringing a criminal complaint against the publisher and editor of the tabloid for uttering threats. The court agreed that the co-accused should be compelled to answer to the charge for their “bludgeon to death” statement.

“The people behind Your Ward News are dangerous, and the panel was aware of the concerns,” said Lisa Kinsella. “This kind of mistake, by a government body, is shocking and appalling.”

Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice (STAMP) is a group of concerned citizens who are working to keep hate out of our communities. If you would like to join our efforts, please email lisa@daisygroup.ca.

– 30 –

Andrew Tumilty
416 642 3100

Lisa Kinsella
416 319 1023


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