Court Lays Criminal Charges Against Neo-Nazi Hate Rag

Your Ward News editor and publisher now facing criminal charges for uttering threats

TORONTO – A Toronto family has successfully brought a criminal complaint against two men for uttering threats in the pages of the neo-Nazi, white supremacist Your Ward News.

Lisa and Warren Kinsella, who along with other Toronto residents have fought Your Ward News for two years, said they were delighted by the ruling.  The group they lead, STAMP – Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice – last year successfully persuaded the federal government to stop delivering the hate rag via Canada Post.  In the most recent issue of the hate sheet, however, editor James Sears states that his followers may decide to “bludgeon the Kinsellas to death.”

The Kinsellas appeared today before a Justice of the Peace and the Crown to argue that Sears’ statement – in the “newspaper” that is published by co-accused Leroy St. Germaine – amounted to uttering threats contrary to section 264.1 of the Criminal Code.  In a hearing this morning at Old City Hall, the Court agreed and determined that the co-accused should be compelled to appear to answer to the charge of uttering a threat for their “bludgeon to death” statement.

“We are relieved and grateful the Court agreed with us,” said Lisa Kinsella.  “It was a clear attempt to intimidate us and stop us from opposing the hate propagated in Your Ward News.  It won’t work.”

Warren Kinsella, who has written extensively about hate groups in Canada, added: “We now call on other levels of government to do what Canada has done, and take immediate and concrete action against these haters.  We shouldn’t have to initiate private prosecutions to get action.  Ontario and the City of Toronto now need to step up and help eliminate hate.”

The Kinsellas will be available for comment on the steps of Old City Hall immediately following the hearing, at approximately 10:30 a.m.

– 30 –

Lisa Kinsella
416 319 1023

Andrew Tumilty
416 642 3100



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